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CX-ROR/III Return Path optical receiver
Optical Equipment
Return Path Optical Receiver

CX-ROR/III return optical receiver is an indoor receiver; it converts the return optical signal into RF signal on HFC network.
With the configuration of four independent O/E converting paths, it can process four return optical signals synchronously. The O/E converting paths are plug-in modular designed and are hot swappable and can be replaced with power applied to receiver. With fully screened design, it ensures the mutual isolation >65dB. There is corresponding -20dB RF test port on front panel for each path. LCD displays all the parameters of paths, including input optical power, output RF signal level, operating current of path, status of power supply. When a measurement exceeds the alarm limit, LED will indicate alarm.
    There are dual power supplies inside CX-ROR/III return optical receiver, ensuring the consistency and reliability of power supply. Optional network management responder is added to realize HFC network management system monitoring function through Ethernet.

The following is a typical configuration and typical parameters .Please tell us about your specific requirements. Your requirements and our profession will satify you to the utmost extent, and make your network more stable.



Installing four optical receiver components in a 1U high, 19 inches rack-mounted enclosure saves the space.
With the adoption of plug-in structure for components, hot swappable from back of chassis.
Optical input connectors, RF output terminals are all located at the panels of components, and operation parts are located at the front panel.
Wide optical receiver power range, and automatic RF level control, make sure of a stable RF output level.
Each receiver component is full-screened designed, mutual isolation>65dB.
RF amplifier using GaAs.
There is output RF test point on the front panel for each RF path, convenient for return path debugging.
There is trimming potentiometer for each RF path, convenient for users to adjust the output level of each path.
Dual power supplies improve the reliability and continuity.
The front panel LCD respectively displays full information of four return optical receivers.
Status monitoring transponder (option) meets SMNP.

Fuctional Block Diagram

Environmental Parameters


Model Explanation

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