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CX-OR/I-FG Outdoor Optical Receiver
Optical Equipment
Optical Receiver

CX-OR/I-FG optical receivers are suitable for HFC two-way broadband communication network, with high performance and high reliability. These receivers have optical detectors with a wide dynamic range, and enable automatic gain control (AGC) of RF output level of optical input signal within -7dBm~+3dBm. They adopt work platform design with forward path as xx~860MHz, enabling two-way transmission of network signals.

The following is a typical configuration and typical parameters .Please tell us about your specific requirements. Your requirements and our profession will satify you to the utmost extent, and make your network more stable.

1��Automatic level control is adopted for RF output level, and for any optical node of the same network, if the optical power is within the range of -7dBm~+2dBm, the uniformity of the output levels can be ensured without adjustment of the attenuation of this device, while CTB and CSO are kept at the same value, convenient for project debugging.
2��Work platform design with forward path as xx��1000MHz and return path as 5��xxMHz.
3��Plug-in diplex filters, with various optional band splits; plug-in design for attenuator and equalizer.  
4��Plug-in return transmitter structure enables network update at any time. (Option)
5��Low-noise amplifier circuit and imported GaAs amplifier module with excellent output ensure C/N, CTB, and CSO of output signal higher than national standards.
6��Forward and return paths with -20dB test ports, providing online test.
7��Internal power supply is 60V AC / 90V AC; external switching power supply is 110V AC / 220V AC.

8��Network management ISO compliant network management port enables network status monitoring management. (Option)

Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature: -20�桫+50��      Storage Temperature: -25�桫+55��
Dimensions: 256mmx197mmx100mm       Net Weight: 2.7kg

Model Explanation

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