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CX-OP-Platform/FTX Forward Path Optical Transmitter Module
Optical Equipment
Optical Transmission Platform

 The following is a typical configuration and typical parameters .Please tell us about your specific requirements. Your requirements and our profession will satify you to the utmost extent, and make your network more stable.


1) Intense design for module allocation: 16 transmission modules and 2 power modules at most in the 19�� standard 5U chassis.
2) Multiple-fiber management solution.
3) Partition board with or without display function unit is available.
4) Optional redundance module of power supply.
5) Hardness of steel bottom plate welding strengthened.
6) Application module can be applied in any slot.
7) Interchangeable RF connectors on the rear panel.
8) VFD module displays the operating status parameters and fault alarm of the whole device.
9)Auto switch of the dual hot backup power supplies ensures the continuity of power supply to the device.
10) Auto control of the inner temperature: when the inner temperature exceeds 40��, the fan will be forced to start and cool down the chassis.

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature:0�桫+45��       Storage Temperature: -25�桫+55��
Dimensions: 483mmx450mmx180mm          Net Weight: 32kg

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