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CX-OR/U User Optical Receiver
Optical Equipment
User Optical Receiver

The following is a typical configuration and typical parameters .Please tell us about your specific requirements. Your requirements and our profession will satify you to the utmost extent, and make your network more stable.


1) Work platform design with forward path as xx��862MHz and return path as 5��xxMHz.
2) Compact and rational circuit structure; high performance indicators of the whole device.
3) Integrated die-cast zinc-base alloy housing, firm and durable.
4) Mini-size external voltage-stabilized power supply (12~15V DC) adapts to house usage.
5) Indication and measurement of optical power; -20dB test ports for forward and return paths make it easy for operation.

Fuctional Block Diagram

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature: 0�桫+45��       Storage Temperature: -25�桫+55��
Dimensions: 128mmx112mmx31mm       Net Weight: 0.36kg

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